DavidthumbnailChair & Press Officer

David Hide
David lives in Horsham town and works in Littlehampton  for Fargro as a horticultural advisor. He has been a member of the party since 1980 and is a member of Unite the Union.

Ros1Vice Chair

Rosalind Hillman
Rosalind is a lifelong Labour supporter and  joined the party after the 2015 General election. She is now retired but worked as a nurse in accident and emergency.


Susannah Brady
Susannah stood as our Parliamentary Candidate in 2017’s General Election and has been a highly active member of the party since joining in early 2016. Susannah was born in Horsham hospital and although she grew up in Crawley she has been living back in the Horsham District since 1991. She works as a freelance administrator providing specialist support for small business owners



Kevin O’Sullivan
Kevin has been a member for over 30 years. He has a keen interest in both history and sport and reads extensively. He works as a solicitor dealing with both residential and commercial property.


 MattMembership Secretary

Matt Miles
Matt worked for various corporations, both in the UK and overseas, before retraining as a primary school teacher ten years ago.  He is a member of the National Union of Teachers and lives in Horsham, in Trafalgar ward.  Education is obviously a key area for Matt; he supports the headteachers’ campaign for fair funding for the county’s educational establishments having seen at first hand the impact of the Tory administration’s cuts on youth provision in West Sussex.


CameronCampaign Manager

Cameron McGilivray


ECarolqualities officer and Agent

Carol Hayton
Carol  has worked in banking, housing and more recently as an administrator. She  has been an active member of the Labour Party for more than 30 years and is a member of the  Party’s National Policy Forum. Her main policy interests are around  education and housing. As well as being campaign co-ordinator for Horsham Labour Party she is the national treasurer of ‘ Defend Council Housing’ and a member of the GMB.                                                                                                                                                                                     

WomDebsen’s Officer

Debs Miles
Debs is an MFL/English teacher with many years of experience, both in the UK and overseas, who currently teaches in Mid Sussex. Always a Labour supporter, she joined the party after the 2015 General Election and is committed to equality and social justice. A mother of two teenage daughters and a long-standing member of the National Union of Teachers, she believes that for the future of our young people, fairly-funded education and the provision of genuinely affordable housing are crucial.



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