General Election 2017

Labour vote soars in Horsham,  thanks to everyone who voted Labour!

Here in Horsham and across the country, something extraordinary took place on  Thursday 8th June. The Labour Party, which had been written off by many who criticised Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, took the fight to the Conservatives, and delivered a result that no one expected, shaking the Conservatives out of their arrogant complacency. The Labour Party took seats off the Conservatives up and down the country leaving Theresa May’s Conservatives looking ‘weak and wobbly’, rather than ‘strong and stable’, as she clings on to power as the leader of a minority government.

In Horsham our vote more than doubled and we are now clearly the official opposition to the Conservatives. We would like to thank the 13,422 people who put their trust in Labour and voted for us. This is our best result in Horsham for a very long time.

We are proud of our manifesto, the campaign we fought and the excellent leadership demonstrated by our candidate Susannah Brady. We take great heart from the result we achieved.

Our guiding principle of ‘for the many, not the few’ will remain at the forefront of our campaigning here in Horsham as we continue to seek to create a kinder and more equal society.

Our Conservative MP claimed during his campaign that he would represent all of his constituents. We look forward to him delivering on his promises; to provide the funding our schools and NHS needs, and to him standing up for those constituents on zero hour contracts, the homeless, those struggling to pay the rent and those dependent on foodbanks. We will be watching his progress at every step and, if he fails to deliver on his promises, you can be sure that the Labour Party in Horsham will speak up for all constituents and hold him to account.

Susannah Brady announced as Horsham’s general election candidate. 

Susannah was born in Horsham and has lived in Sussex all of her life. She works with small businesses and has has two children.

Susannah2Susannah Brady: “It’s a huge privilege to be standing in my home town at the 2017 General Election.   “This election will give the people of Horsham a chance to vote for a local candidate that understands the real issues facing local people.  “The schools in Horsham are being underfunded, the Tories are failing our public transport system and our NHS is in crisis. The Conservative Party have been getting away with it for too long in Horsham. I’m looking forward to the debates in this election campaign with Jeremy Quin.”

David Hide, chair of the Horsham Labour Party: 
“I’m incredibly proud Labour’s candidate in Horsham for the General Election will be a hardworking, passionate, local resident. We have a good track record of taking the fight to the Tories on the important issues facing local people. I wholeheartedly believe we need an MP in Horsham that will stand up for the many, not just the privileged few.”

Horsham Labour Party are looking forward to the election and expect to improve on our strong showing in 2015.  If you would like to help Labour win in Horsham, please email


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Click on the image to read our election manifesto for a better and fairer Britain.

Susannah answers your election questions:

Will your party commit to a new national rough sleeping initiative?

In response to this joint campaign by homelessness charities, including Centrepoint, Crisis, Homelesslink, Shelter and St Mungos, John Healey, our Shadow Housing Minister, said ‘ The rapidly rising number of people sleeping in doorways and on park benches shames us all. There can be no excuses – it must end.’ He has given a commitment that if Labour forms the next Government, we will end homelessness by 2022.

Horsham Labour Party is the only local Party to actively campaign for action to help the increasing numbers of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, in our constituency.  Last year we  organised a sleep-out  outside the council offices to highlight the massive increase in homelessness,  today there are more then double the number sleeping on our streets nationally compared to 2010, and increasing numbers can be seen sleeping rough on Horsham streets.  

We have campaigned ceaselessly for council action to increase the availability of affordable homes in our constituency and by doing so have raised the issue up the political agenda locally. However, our Tory and Lib Dem councillors are still consistently allowing major planning applications to receive approval despite the failure of developers to provide the levels of affordable housing we need. The provision of appropriate levels of affordable housing is key to resolving the homelessness  crisis.  Liberty’s proposed development North of Horsham is about to be approved despite proposing to deliver only  18 % of the 2750 homes as genuinely affordable. The Council’s policies state that we need double that figure on that development to resolve our housing crisis. 

As Labour’s candidate in Horsham  I an committed to campaigning for  a decent home for everyone that needs one.  That is a key priority in my local manifesto. If Labour is elected I will press  our Housing Minister to deliver  St Mungo’s  national rough sleeping initiative as quickly as possible. 

I would also  urge you, as a local person who is  as concerned about homelessness as I am, to contact your local councillor and ask them to commit to voting at the next full council meeting,  against Liberty’s planning application for development North of Horsham  unless it delivers the 35 percent genuinely affordable homes we need.  

Yours sincerely


What is your policy towards supporting pubs, breweries and pub-goers?

General Election 2017 Pledge for Pubs!

  1. Beer: to celebrate and promote Britain’s 1,540 breweries
  2. Pubs: to support action to help pubs thrive
  3. Consumers: to represent the interests of pub goers, beer and cider drinkers

Horsham has a great brewing heritage which continues to this day. Local breweries include, Hepworth, Dark Star, King’s, Welton’s , Kissingate and Firebird. Lots of the beers these breweries produce can now be drunk in pubs right across the constituency. The drive and innovation of the micro-brewer has had a huge impact on the drinking habits of the residents of Horsham. We now have a far wider choice of outstanding beers within our ever improving pub scene.

entest1Many of Horsham Labour Party members enjoy a socially responsible pint in pubs such as the Bedford, Black Jug, Malt Shovel and Anchor Tap. All excellent town pubs. The influence of CAMRA is constantly being felt as larger brew companies are now upping their game and providing more exciting beers. Ten years ago the drinking scene in Horsham was nothing to get excited about with too many of our pubs offering beers from only one brewery. This now has changed, but so have the beers being produced by companies such as Hall and Woodhouse as they are now responding to consumer demand largely created by CAMRA , with a more exciting range of beers that include both new and old world hops.

Pubs are a great place to meet and socialise and can be a great support network for a local community. I fully support your campaign and look forward to raising a glass or two when I am elected as the first women/Labour MP for Horsham, Cheers!

Susannah Brady Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for Horsham

Will you prioritise diabetes so we can work towards a world where the condition can do no harm?

Dear Valerie

Many thanks for your email. I have read the Diabetes Manifesto with interest as my brother-in-law has lived his whole life managing type 1 diabetes, and I have a couple of friends who are now having to come to terms with managing type 2. I have gladly pledged my support to the Diabetes Manifesto and shared it on Facebook which will hopefully help to raise awareness for Diabetes UK.

As I’m sure you are aware, the Labour Party is committed to a fully-funded NHS but you may not realise that if we are elected we will integrate it with a social care system for older and disabled people giving health support in more appropriate ways. We also plan to invest in children’s health with an emphasis on prevention and to that end I’m sure you’ll agree that providing all primary school children with a healthy hot meal will make huge in-roads to teaching better habits at a young and impressionable age.  Joined up thinking is what is needed to meet the health challenges of the future and I’m sure that there is much we can do together to achieve your goals.


Susannah Brady
Horsham’s Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate

What is your position with respect to the Conservative’s proposed vote to repeal the fox-hunting ban?

Hello Carol

Thank you for contacting me. I support the ban on fox hunting and will oppose any vote in favour of bringing back fox hunting. I also oppose the badger cull and fail to understand why the Tories think this is an effective way of protecting cattle from TB. When elected I will support the conviction of anyone who breaks the law against fox hunting. The Labour Party continues to oppose the badger cull and members of Horsham Labour Party fully support the work of the as it seeks to protect badgers and prevent the ongoing cull. Labour’s commitment to animal welfare is contained within our excellent manifesto and reiterates our opposition to both fox hunting and the badger cull.

I hope you will consider voting Labour in the general election and I would invite you to read our manifesto in full which is available on our website:


Susannah Brady
Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Horsham


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