General Election 2015

Despite an overall disappointment, after a hard fought general election campaign we increased our number of votes in Horsham by more than 55% from 2010.  Our total share of the vote increased by 3.5%  Many thanks to  all our members and other supporters who played a part in this.

Results of the Local Elections are available here.

Moving forward we welcome all new members.   The outcome of the Elections 2015 inevitably means there is much to be done  and this is an exciting time to join us as we renew our campaigning efforts on both local and national issues.

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The Labour Party Manifesto 2015

The Labour Party Manifesto launched by Ed Miliband on 13 April 2015 shows that Labour is both the party  of change and also the party of responsibility.  It starts from a clear commitment to ‘balance the books’. On the foundation of a plan to secure the nation’s finances, it sets out how we will improve the family finances of working people by

  • raising the minimum wage to over £8 by October 2019
  • protecting tax credits for working people
  • guaranteeing ‘wrap around’childcare through primary schools, underpinned by a new National Primary Childcare Service.
  • supporting middle income families by pledging not to raise income tax, National Insurance or V.A.T
  • freezing rail fares for the for the first year of a Labour Government pending reform of the railways

These measures build on wider policies to

  • reward hard work – banning exploitative zero hours contracts, freezing energy bills and backing small businesses
  • share prosperity – by guaranteeing apprenticeships, cutting tuition fees, building homes and devolving power to all parts of Britain
  • build a better Britain- ensuring the NHS has time to care, opening up our politics and being a confident, outward looking nation once again

On the first page of the Manifesto we set out how we will secure the nation’s finances with a Budget Responsibility Lock. The Budget Responsibility Lock guarantees that

  • every policy in the Manifesto can be paid for without any additional borrowing
  • the deficit will be cut every year
  • we will get national debt falling and a surplus on the current budget as soon as possible in the next Parliament

Our policies will deliver a better Britain without additional borrowing and where policies do cost more we show how they will be funded. For example

  • A £2.5bn  NHS ‘Time to Care Fund paid for by a Mansion Tax on properties over £2m, a levy on tobacco firms and closing a hedge fund tax avoidance loop hole
  • 25 hours per week of child care for 3 and 4 years olds of working parents, paid for by increasing the banking levy by £800m
  • cap class sizs for 5,6 and 7 year olds, by ending the Free Schools Programme
  • cut business rates for small businesses by not going ahead with another cut to Corporation Tax

These examples show that Labour’s approach will address the root cause of problems with its reforms  rather than by simply spending more money.

This is in marked contrast to the Tories who are making a growing list of  commitments such as £10bn tax cuts, £8bn for the NHS and a £1.8bn rail fare freeze  They have no way of paying for these. This  will inevitably result in broken promises. The Tories blocked our proposal that the Office for Budget  Responsibility should be asked to audit the 2015 manifesto spending  and tax commitments  of all major parties.  We therefore intend to legislate in future so there is a requirement for this to happen.

In 2010 David Cameron said ‘In five years’ time  we will have balanced the books’. It is now clear they have failed to do so .  They are now set to balance the budget in 2017-18, some three years later than their promised time scale. They have borrowed £200 bn more than they planned, including borrowing more in the last 4.5 years than the Labour Govenrment did in 13 years. George Osborne has broken his rule that debt should be falling by 2015-16, in 5 out of 11 Budgets or Autumn Statements.

These failures mean that a Labour Government will inherit borrowing of £75bn this year.  Some people argue that the deficit simply doesn’t matter if you care about a fair country.  This not true. Unless there is a strategy for dealing with the deficit it is working people and their public services that end up paying the price.

The Labour Manifesto is clear that the first line of our Budget every year  will be ‘ This Budget cuts the deficit’. We will only lay a Budget before the House of Commons which reduces the deficit every year, independently verified by the Office for Budget Responsibility. Departmental budgets, other than protected areas like the NHS and Education will fall every year until the deficit is cleared.

This will mean tough choices including

  • scrapping Winter Fuel Payments for the richest pensioners
  •  capping Child Benefit rises
  • cutting Ministers pay by 5%
  • capping overall welfare spending, along side measures to tackle the long term drivers of welfare spending like low pay
  • reversing the Tories ‘Millionaires’ tax cuts by ensuring that those earning over £150,000 a year pay 50% tax

The Labour Party believes that Britain only succeeds when working people succeed. Our Manifesto sets out our plans to reward hard work and build a better Britain.



Introducing  Martyn Davis, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Horsham

Contact me @horshamlabour or email



I am the managing director of an education consultancy company. I am married and have three children. I have been involved in education for over twenty-five years, having held senior posts within further education and special needs education. As a local councillor I have successfully campaigned for improvements to services. Horsham deserves to have strong and effective representation in parliament. If elected I will be a full-time MP, working hard to achieve the best possible outcomes for the constituency.

My pledges to Horsham Constituents

  1. To stop privatisation of the NHS and campaign for investment to make our health service the best in the world.
  2. To campaign for affordable housing so that everybody can rent or buy a home appropriate to their needs. 
  3. To cut taxes for 24 million working people by introducing a new lower starting rate. 
  4. To support our local businesses by cutting business rates and promoting a stable and prosperous local economy. 
  5. To stand up for Horsham’s residents, putting their priorities above the priorities of vested interests.

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