2017 County Council Elections

Send the Conservatives a message of Thursday 4th May, no more cuts to vital services, stop taking the people of Horsham for granted.

These are important elections as we need to send the Conservatives a message that things cannot continue as they are. Council tax and charges continue to rise while the quality of services falls.

Social care is under huge pressure and the County has continued to underfund our schools which are now in crisis.

The Tories at County Hall have introduced charges for recycling while further limiting opening ours at our recycling centres. Our Youth services have been decimated to the extent that there is not a single Youth club run by the County Council.

Our roads are grid locked, just take a drive south and experience the jams on the Chichester bypass. It is now often quicker to drive through the city centre than use the bypass. And the Tories have just scrapped the plan to improve these roads!

Introducing Labour’s candidates for this year’s County Council election taking place on Thursday 4th May.

Don’t forget if you mislay your polling card that’s not a problem, as you don’t need your card to vote. Just pop along to the polling station, you can still vote without your card.

Not on the electoral roll, it is not too late to sign up, last day to register is Thursday 13th April.

You can also vote by post and appoint a proxy if you know you won’t be able to vote on the day.

For full details visit https://www.horsham.gov.uk/electionspages/elections/forthcoming-elections

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Click on the relevant candidate name in the table below to go straight to their statement.

Labour’s candidate County Division
Carol Hayton Horsham Hurst
David Hide Horsham Riverside
Ian Nicoll Horsham East
Rosalind Hillman St Leonards Forest
Ray Chapman Holbrook
Cameron McGillivray Broadbridge Heath
Kevin O’ Sullivan Southwater and Nuthurst
Robert Brown Billingshurst
Jane Mote Pulborough
Deborah Miles Imberdown
Susannah Brady Worth Forest
Simon Birstingl Bramber Castle Division
Helen Wright Henfield Division
Caroline Fife Storrington Division

Carol Hayton Labour’s candidate for Horsham Hurst.
Vote Labour, Vote Carol Hayton on Thursday 4th May.

CarolI moved to Horsham from Surrey over 10 years ago and now live in Clarence Road. I have worked in the public and not-for-profit sectors for most of my career, mainly commuting to London for work. I currently volunteer with the Citizens Advice Bureau and Horsham in Bloom. I learned through my professional and voluntary experience just how important our public services are to our communities. I am also aware of the problems that arise when services do not receive the investment they need. In Horsham the signs of under-investment are increasingly clear. In the face of this decline the County Council should be looking at ways it can use tax payers’ money to restore a decent quality of life in our town for all residents. But this does not seem to be a priority for the councillors running our council. They seem intent on spending less and less on service delivery and at the same time charging us more. And that’s why I think we need a change. I’m standing for election because I believe that the only way we can restore the quality of life we should expect in return for our council tax, is to put the priorities of the community before the ideological priorities of Tory politicians. If elected I will consult residents on their priorities; I will speak up for those priorities and keep residents informed of the Council’s response. I will work hard to ensure that our community gets the vital public services we need.

David Hide, Labour’s candidate for Horsham Riverside.
Vote Labour, Vote David Hide on Thursday 4th May.

DavidthumbnailI moved to Horsham more than 10 years ago from Surrey and now live in Clarence Road. I have spent all of my working life employed in horticulture. I currently work as an agronomist advising growers on plant health and nutrition. I am a volunteer gardener for Horsham in Bloom and hold a number of leadership roles within professional organisations and societies.

My work informs my politics and I am very interested in the environment and also the effect low pay has on the well- being of both individuals and families. My commitment to the electorate of Horsham Riverside is to concentrate on issues that deliver a cleaner, safer and greener environment.

I will oppose any further cuts to our fire and rescue and police services, I will liaise with the district council to ensure that our; streets are swept, verges cut, and litter picked. I will champion road improvements to ensure pot holes are filled, roads resurfaced and road-signs replaced.

As a supporter of the Real Living Wage I know the benefit that comes from an employer being a member of the Living Wage Foundation. I will challenge West Sussex County Council to show leadership in this area by becoming a Living Wage employer which will ensure all staff and contractors are paid a minimum of £8.45 an hour. I will also work with the County Council to provide land for Horsham District Council in order that it can build more affordable homes for rent.

I am standing for Council because I believe that a local authority can make a real difference to people’s lives and I want to play my part in making that difference.

Ian Nicoll, Labour’s candidate for Horsham East.
Vote Labour, Vote Ian Nicoll on Thursday 4th May.

IanI have lived in Horsham for 17 years. I worked as a Biomedical Scientist in the NHS for 38 years, and was involved in many campaigns against hospital closures. Roffey is being treated by the council as a backwater. The most recent insult is to impose parking charges in the shopping parade and the closure of the bank without replacement of cash-point services. Affordable housing is essential, but has to be balanced with more amenities and services not less. The present administration seems not to care about the community, so vote Labour and ensure that we build a community suitable for the needs of the many not the few.

Rosalind Hillman, Labour’s candidate for St Leonards Forest.
Vote Labour, Vote Rosalind Hillman on Thursday 4th May.

RosI am a retired Registered General Nurse and worked at the East Surrey Hospital for twenty- five years. I am committed to protecting vital services and have campaigned for improvements in funding for the NHS, social care, education and our Fire Service, which have all been cut by a quarter in the county. I am also a founding member of The Living Wage Foundation Horsham group.

I understand the importance of a good transport system and how this is essential for residents accessing work, education, healthcare and other services, especially within the rural areas that form a large part of St Leonard’s Forest division. Public transport, road maintenance and road safety issues are crucial towards keeping all communities, large or small, thriving. The problems involving Southern Rail are of particular concern, we need to have councillors at county level who will put pressure on the government to resolve this frustrating, ongoing issue.

Ray Chapman, Labour’s candidate for Holbrook.
Vote Labour, Vote Ray Chapman on Thursday 4th May.

RayI have lived in Holbrook for 36 years. I am married and have four grown up children. I am a retired production planner and worked for a Global manufacturing company producing radiotherapy machines.

I am the Chair of the Holbrook Community Centre Management Committee. I took a lead role in retaining youth services at the at the time when the Tory controlled County Council closed all of our youth services.

When I am elected as your County Councillor, I will oppose any further outsourcing of vital services would campaign on the issues of the council outsourcing services and ensure that we are getting good value for money. Existing contractors should be regularly audited to ensure they are delivering on the terms of their contract. Out sourcing should not be seen as a way for the County Council to wash its hands of taking responsibility for services we all pay for.

With the community charges having been frozen for many years, and as a result of falling budgets the services that many of us rely upon have received massive cuts and are now in free fall. Just look at social care, the NHS and our schools in West Sussex to know this cannot be allowed to continue. Now the Tories at County Hall are proposing a massive increase in the community charge. The garden waste service has been increased to £37 per annum together with charging for disposing of rubbish at the community tip, not to forget the increased parking charges. All of these are taxes, always falling on those who are least able to afford the increases.

The Conservatives pretend that they are a party of Low Council Tax, they pledge to maintain weekly bin collections, offer support for local business while at the same time protecting front line services. In all these areas the Tories have failed and no longer deserve support.

Cuts to Social Care Services are having a great impact especially on our senior citizens to whom we all owe a great debt for winning the war and winning the peace. They are entitled to have security in old age which they rightly deserve. I will campaign to achieve improved services for our senior citizens.

Cameron McGillivray, Labour’s candidate for Broadbridge Heath.
Vote Labour, Vote Cameron McGillivray on Thursday 4th May.

CameronI am a resident of Broadbridge Heath and I’m standing in this election because I believe the majority of local councillors are letting down younger people and families across Horsham. I have lived in Broadbridge Heath my whole life and I care passionately about the area. After witnessing large-scale housing developments, I want to see better and improved bus links connecting to the town from villages in Horsham. I would like to praise the hard work done by local residents to get this on the agenda and I will make this a priority if elected on May 4th. As a former Shelley Primary & Tanbridge House School student, I am appalled to see the cuts being made by the Tories to our local schools. I will hold the government to account and protect local comprehensives in the area. I believe Horsham councillors have failed to talk about the real issues facing local people. If elected, I will work with other County councillors and local volunteers to get local companies, businesses and shops to pay the real living wage of £8.45 an hour in Horsham. While previous elected councillors have not done enough to work with local communities, I am looking forward to stand in this ward, to offer fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the place where I grew up.

Kevin O’Sullivan, Labour’s candidate for Southwater and Nuthurst.
Vote Labour, Vote Kevin O’Sullivan on Thursday 4th May.

KevinI am an experienced property lawyer working for a firm of solicitors in Tonbridge. I understand the impact of local housing policies on communities and would stand up to the developers who push for huge development that provide little or no benefits for local people.

I have a strong commitment to social justice and have a track record of standing up for people, whether it is through the work I have done with Living Wage Horsham or as an active member of Horsham Amnesty. I am committed to green issues and use public transport to commute to my office in Tonbridge rather than owning a car. More recent experience of Southern Rail has confirmed my long held view that we should bring back the railways into public ownership!

If elected I will put local people first, hold regular surgeries, be accountable to those who elect me and, most importantly will provide a strong voice for all local residents.

I am a family man with three children who have recently entered higher education and am a regular attendee of St John’s church.

Robert Brown, Labour’s candidate for Billingshurst.
Vote Labour, Vote Robert Brown on Thursday 4th May.

RobertI am 47, and a father of three children.

After an initial career serving 13 years in the RAF I completed an engineering degree and an MBA, then worked in social housing before becoming a technology consultant responsible for delivering global communications and government information systems.

In 2016 I began studying politics & economics and set up a company to provide affordable rented housing. I joined the Labour Party as I believe it is the only party with a credible vision to provide genuine, participatory democracy and an economy which works for all. I believe this will enable the vast majority of us to redress the many troubling issues not being tackled under Conservative leadership nationally and locally, including:

  • housing affordability, supply, and the adequate provision of supporting infrastructure
  • health care
  • public transport which works
  • equal opportunity to education
  • wealth distribution
  • misinformation by the media
  • a sense of community, working together to improve things for all of our society

My time is prioritised mostly between family, campaigning on local and national issues, business management, interim consultancy and study.

I commit to use all resources available to faithfully represent the people of Billingshurst on the key local issues, immediately taking up the priorities local people have raised with me personally but which have not been given prioritised accordingly in existing plans:

Housing: regulation of growth and affordability to match local demand, locating new housing sensitively according to the views of existing residents, and developing local services proportionately.

Health: expansion or provision of additional GP services to properly support the level of local needs of Billingshurst.

Infrastructure: providing an alternative to the cancelled free bus service to Broadbridge Heath Tesco, and with a longer term view exploring the opportunity for an appropriately sized supermarket which is more locally accessible. Also, exploration of investment options to improve existing commercial retail and residential offerings in Jengers Mead, not a simple expansion of what currently exists.

Transport: Southern Rail – the Labour Party has been maintaining a campaign at national level to renationalise the Southern service to get it working properly once again. Address the impacts of the reduced bus services. Exploration of strategies to address lorry traffic in the town centre.

Environment: tackle the problems with fly tipping and littering, and address the issues with unfit pavements.


Jane Mote, Labour’s candidate for Pulborough.
Vote Labour, Vote Jane Mote on Thursday 4th May.

JaneI have lived in Pulborough for 10 years and was until recently a regular commuter to London. The failure of the Southern rail franchise led me to set up an office in Arundel, West Sussex for the small media business I run. I love the beauty of rural life but am frustrated by the deteriorating infrastructure that makes it hard for all to enjoy. I am campaigning for more money to spent on essential services – schools, adults social care and elderly care by wasting less on expensive privatisation and forcing Academisation of schools. I am especially concerned about the loss of the 3in1 bus card for students and poor road and pavement maintenance. The Tories have been unopposed in this area for far too long. I believe it’s time to challenge their dogmatic policies which have meant misery for many. I want to help people to understand there is a better way to manage resources and services.

Deborah Miles, Labour’s candidate for Imberdown.
Vote Labour, Vote Deborah Miles on Thursday 4th May.

DebsI am a teacher with many years of experience and currently teach in Mid Sussex. I am committed to equality and social justice, as demonstrated in my role as Women’s Officer for Horsham CLP and my involvement in Labour’s campaign both for a better deal for rail travellers in the south as well as for genuinely affordable housing in West Sussex.

Education is obviously a key area for me: I am determined to fight to secure the best possible deal for West Sussex schools and supports the headteachers’ campaign for fair funding for the county’s educational establishments. I have two teenage daughters and am a long-standing member of the National Union of Teachers. I have seen at first hand the impact of the Tory administration’s cuts on youth provision in West Sussex.

If elected, I will put the needs of local people first and will communicate their views to the County Council in the strongest possible terms in order to facilitate positive change for the local community.


Susannah Brady, Labour’s candidate for Worth Forest
Vote Labour, Vote Susannah Brady on Thursday 4th May.

SusannahOriginally from Crawley, Susannah has lived and worked in West Sussex her entire life. She is a qualified and experienced secretary and has been running her own businesses for the last 17 years, including setting up a family plumbing & heating firm and a back office support business. Susannah is passionate about changing the current ‘I’m alright jack’ rhetoric into one of a caring society, fair for all. She is particularly vocal on the plight of the private tenant forced to accept exorbitant rents and uncertain tenancy terms due to a lack of social or affordable housing, along with ensuring the NHS is protected and reinvested in. In her spare time Susannah studies art history and enjoys visiting art galleries and National Trust properties.

Simon Birstingl, Labour’s candidate for Bramber Castle Division
Vote Labour, Vote Simon Birstingl on Thursday 4th May.

SimonI have lived in Upper Beeding for 18 years. It’s a great place for someone like me who grew up in the countryside and loves the outdoors. 

I have been a parish councillor for twelve years. I’ve been chair of the council for the last three years. Previously as chair of the Amenities Committee I oversaw the introduction of an ongoing tree planting policy that is transforming our village street scene. I also updated the play equipment in our children’s play areas and introduced adult seating. My policy of reviewing and improving our community assets led to the annual maintenance scheme for the Beeding Memorial Playing Field that has led to it being recognised as one of the best sports fields in Sussex.

 I believe that councils should look like the people they claim to represent so that they can make the right sort of decisions. I am used to working with people from every background to do the right thing for our communities.

Our aims should be to help our communities to thrive and develop for the benefit of everyone. I have always worked with this aim. The challenges of Brexit make this even more important.

Tory policies are hitting our public services just when we need them most. If Britain is to hold its own we need the best education for our children. The Tories are doing exactly the opposite. Schools are facing drastic cuts that put our future prospects in jeopardy.

Only Labour can offer us a better future, together.

Helen Wright, Labour’s candidate for Henfield Division
Vote Labour, Vote Helen on Thursday 4th May.

HelenI returned to live in West Sussex 5 years ago, and my home is in Storrington.  This is not my first foray into local politics.  In 1987 I stood as a Labour Candidate for Heene Ward in Worthing.  However, history has a strange way of repeating itself.  I am once again standing as a Labour Party candidate in a Tory dominated County Council; but this time round we are facing deep, unprecedented financial cuts to our vital services; the NHS, Social Care, Housing, and the deepest cut of all, to Education.

Even as a mature resident this time round, I cannot stand by and watch the rapid decline of our ‘cash starved’ services and believe that the time is right for a change at County Hall; one which is more representative of its electorate!

Let’s hope I’ll be part of it this time round!

Caroline Fife, Labour’s candidate for Henfield Division
Vote Labour, Vote Caroline Fife on Thursday 4th May.

CarolineAs the Candidate for Storrington Division I would work on the following areas.

Firstly I want to work on school funding. At the moment schools have been forced to restructure staff and cut jobs. I want to ensure there are jobs for local people. I want schools resourced to give children the best possible start in life. I work for a union and have recently been involved in a number of consultations with local schools. They have been forced to make cuts and are struggling to manage because of a lack of funding.

I want to plan to improve bus services by providing more frequent buses with affordable fares. My aim would be to integrate bus services with rail services. This would allow the community better access to public transport.

Pollution is a concern in Storrington and I plan to investigate options to improve improve traffic flow.

The NHS and Social Care need to work more closely to keep people well at home. I want to look at ways to achieve this to allow local residents to be cared for in their community. This would reduce pressure on the NHS and speed up treatment.

Horsham District Council implemented time limits and car park charges in rural car parks. The local Labour Party campaigned on this as local shops were concerned it would damage business. I want to review the time limits and charges to see what impact they have had locally.

I want to make this area to be a better place to live and work.

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